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Thanks for bringing the receipts.

It makes one wonder what makes voters here so "different" compared to NH, that they would keep voting for more of this. I'm thinking maybe some combination of woke brainwashing, enviro-nazis and public employee self interest.

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In the late 1970s and 1980s (I think) there were reports written by the Campbells, adjunct professors at Dartmouth comparing Vermont and New Hampshire. They compared everything you can imagine; highways, views, education, welfare, housing, etc. New Hampshire won. Conclusion was that money spent at the local level is more wisely spent.

Dart Everett darteverett@hotmail.com

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I chose VT over NH back in 2008 because it had half the amount of people. I had to move back east from out west and I wasn't politically minded at the time. And back then, "organic" wasn't a dirty word in Vermont unlike other parts of the country. When I arrived, I was absolutely shocked at how blue it was but again, I still didn't pay attention. I was crazy busy with new job and family responsibilities. Now... I tell people I live "behind enemy lines".

Wow. Sooo, wished I stayed out west. Was in Colorado, wished I had gone to Alaska but that fell through so then I looked at Montana. But family needs prevailed. Here we are, almost 16 years later.

This is excellent. I am going to paraphrase and link back to this and put it on FPF, we'll see if they will actually post it.

Listened to you on VDC's Creemee Cast. Yes, you should run for office.

Thanks for doing the legwork and putting out some common sense.

Pam Baker

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